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The Wild Woman Archetype

The wild woman, the one that can’t be complacent with society’s standard of “feminine”, was never meant to be tamed. She is not for everyone and not everyone is for her although truth and compassion are adjectives she wears on her sleeve. Don’t pawn your expectations of who she should be on her. She is free. Giving her a cage filled with rules and regulations will cause more damage than good. If you’re new to this concept, here are some reasons that make the wild woman intimidating:

There are no limits to her love. The wild woman will walk through burning coal and come out with a torch in her hand for those she loves. She is not afraid to show her emotions exactly as they are for, she has experienced the implications of holding the baggage of “should have’s” before. She is fearless to her core when it comes to loving and even more so when it comes to letting go.

She has mastered the art of letting go. Don’t get comfortable, this woman is well-versed in the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. She knows that nothing lasts forever and has experienced more goodbyes than you can think of. Her love is real, pure, and intense because she knows that this too must end. So, don’t be surprised if she walks away when she feels the moments have ran their course.

Her connection to nature is real. The wild woman is in sync with nature. She can decipher the emotions of animals that cross her path and knows what the trees around her need. She can feel the rain coming from miles away and will dance to the rhythm of the waves. Don’t expect her to walk with shoes in the forest, she is loving the ground beneath her and taking in the energy. Don’t worry, there will be a stream somewhere along the way where she can wash her feet before you head back.

She will howl at the moon like a loba. The wild woman feels the shifts and the changes around her. If the moon changes the tides of the ocean, imagine what they do to the waters within her depth. It is not uncommon for wild women to menstruate with the full moon or the new moon. She might chant, meditate, write, or just simply admire the moon in different stages.

She is true to her essence. While the wild woman knows that change is the only constant in life, she will always honour her instincts. This is not to say she is stubborn, on the contrary, she is flexible and open to learning new things. However, she has broken her promises to herself in the past to vow to the beliefs of others, and that has never turned out good for her. She knows much too well that the answers are within her, deep down in her heart, and she knows how to listen.

Magic is real and she knows it. This woman knows that magic exists. Magic has proved itself to her daily with every colourful sunrise and every magical sunset. She has learned to admire the little details from a flower blooming to a raindrop falling from the clouds above. She values each moment for all that it is by rejoicing in the magic of the present.

You will never be her everything. She will love and treasure you to the stars and back, but she will not make you her world. You see, the wild woman can hold her ground. Messy hair, bare feet, and an open heart can create a lot more than you can imagine. She is the creator of her own reality. Don’t impose qualities of a damsel in distress upon her. She is not helpless. She is courageous, bold, and fierce beyond measure. If you can’t love her for her wilderness, don’t expect her to crumble. She has fire in her eyes, and she is ready to stand up for herself.

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