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How I Afford to Travel the World

Whenever I tell people that I sold all my belongings and began to travel the world, they usually have the same question; how do I afford to travel the world? The truth is that I afford to travel the world in the same manner that others afford to live in one spot. I work abroad whenever possible and I have a very small online business to give me a little cushion.

Believe it or not, there are many ways to make money on the road. I don’t believe that there is any right or wrong way to go about it. I also don’t think that there is any special formula to getting jobs abroad. However, I do know what has worked for me in the past. The list below contains my personal choices of platforms to find work in different countries based on my specific set of skills.


There are a few reasons why you might want to look at volunteer positions. Number one being that you are passionate about an organization and want to donate your time to help in their venture. Reason two is that you are really interested in a certain field of work but have little experience and/ or confidence to apply for a paid position. Number three could be essentially any reason that is applicable to you. Either way, volunteering is a great way to help you in your adventure around the globe.

In many cases, volunteer positions offer free accommodation, food, and even airport pick ups in exchange for your work. Some places even offer a monthly stipend! The range of volunteer jobs out there is very broad these days. If you are contemplating this option, you might want to look at the following platforms which connect employers to volunteers:

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Teach English

If you are a native English speaker, you are in luck! You see, there is a high demand for native English speakers to teach English to children, teenagers, and even adults in many countries around the globe. These are paid jobs and often come with a work visa attached to them. If you go to the right parts of the world, you might even get accommodation included in the package deal.

I had the opportunity to teach in both Vietnam and Thailand. These are experiences that I will forever treasure in my heart. Asia, in general, has a very high demand for English teachers. The requirements to obtain these jobs vary from simply being an English speaker to having a university degree and/ or a TEFL certification. If this seems like a nice way for you to make money as you travel, I would encourage you to browse through these websites and review some of the opportunities available:

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Teach Yoga/ Surfing/ Snowboarding/ Insert Special Skill Here

Have you been following me on Instagram? I don’t mean to brag, but I spend my days teaching yoga in beach towns to amazing people! When I first contemplated becoming a yoga instructor to supplement my income, I read so many negative articles about how teaching yoga is not a reliable source of income that I almost gave up before I gave it a try. Here’s is a little memo: all things are possible.

If you have a special skill that you are very good it, find spots around the globe where you can put it to use by teaching others! I don’t know what skills each person has so I cannot provide advice on where to search online for jobs but if you are a yoga instructor, here are some links that might be beneficial during your search:

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As I mentioned previously, there is no special formula to make money as you travel. These are the options that I have opted for myself. With that in mind, please note that there are many cafes, coffee shops, hostels, hotels, etc. all over the world that are constantly looking for staff members. Speaking English is a great asset to these employers.

On the opposite hand, there are also many corporate jobs that you can apply for but those require long term commitments. I would recommend those type of opportunities to individuals looking to relocate rather than merely travel. You know your needs better than anyone else so please do your personal research before making decisions.

I would also like to add that every country is different. Sometimes you might be able to work on your tourist visa while other times you might need to get a work visa. Always do your research before working abroad. Other than that, happy travels!

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