Nourish Your Feminine Power- Women Yoga Retreat

Women Yoga Retreat
Aiste Ceremony Guide

Seven Days Life Changing Journey: Women Yoga Retreat

You are invited to an empowering women yoga retreat on November 2nd to 9th in the sacred lands of Mama Africa: Morocco. This will be an inspiring week filled with strong and gentle moments. Every participant will be able to dive into the true essence of honouring the bond that is womanhood.

We will use this time together to combine our Shakti energies and connect with one another. We will be diving into the female anatomy and our powers to heal and give life.

The Invitation:

Thank you for showing up sister.

Magic happens when women come together with a collective intention to heal and live life fully. Acceptance, healing, nourishment and self love through ceremonies and circles is what rewrites the stories of our future generations.

We will use a combination of yoga practices, meditation, discussion circles, indulging the senses the senses. We will use the medicinal fruits of life such as cacao, flowers, plant medicine, crystals, mandalas and goddess movement. These activities will serve as tools to reawaken our natural womanhood of manifestation, expression, and a freedom. This is the place to celebrate the worth and beauty that the Universe has gifted us with.

Where the Magic Happens

We are inviting you to visit us in Mother Africa – Morocco from November 2nd to 9th. This magical retreat space is hidden away from Agadir.  It is located in a traditional Moroccan Berber village of Tamazirt overlooking the majestic Atlas Mountains and Atlantic Ocean. Our villa provides a wonderful environment for this all women yoga retreat. You will feel connected to the wild and untouched nature.

Tamazirt by Amayour villa offers unforgettable holidays with five comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, cooling garden area and a big Yoga Shala on the rooftop.

Each day you will enjoy three vegan meals consciously crafted by our private chefs. All our ingredients are sustainably and organically sourced from local farms. This will not be a diet. It will be the beginning of your journey towards a healthier, stronger, and happier you!

The center is 60-minutes drive from the Agadir airport. We can organize your transportation to and from the airport.

What to Expect

Each day will be based on a specific female archetype. To help us better dive into this, we will indulge in the following activities throughout the week:

  • Feminine Archetypal Teachings
  • Opening Cacao Ceremony
  • Daily Vinyasa yoga classes
  • Daily journaling/ writing activities to help dig deep into your inner world and facilitate self-expression
  • Feminine Yoga to learn to cultivate, channel and transmute energy
  • Guided breath work to cleanse and rejuvenate our cells
  • Intimate sharing circles and discussions to bond, learn and heal
  • Conscious Menstruation Teachings
  • Red Tent / Full Moon Ritual
  • Visit to Hammam (bath house) to cleanse physical and spiritual bodies
  • Ecstatic dance to empower your inner Goddess to move freely as she pleases



  • Womanhood Celebration photography
  • Trip to Paradise Valley to connect with Mother Earth (kindly note this is not included in the price)
Tamazirt by Amayour pool
Tamazirt by Amayour Yoga
Tamazirt by Amayour Yoga Shala
Tamazirt by Amayour shared room

Energy Exchange Starting from €790

Energy exchange is inclusive of seven nights accommodation, all yoga classes and ceremonies, meals, and airport transfer from Agadir Airport.

Kindly note that flights, insurance, and transfer from any airport other than Agadir are not included. However, the retreat hosts and travel managers Aiste Anandi and Patricia Rodriguez are at your disposal if you need assistance finding deals on flights. They are both travelers and some may even say miracle workers when it comes to finding good deals!

For more information, please get in touch!

Seven Nights Accommodation

Rest the mind, the body, and the soul.

Choose from one of the five different room types depending on your budget and requirements. Each room is perfectly decided to make you feel at home and at ease. This is your space to rest, rejuvenate, and recreate!

Yoga Classes and Women Circles

Inhale the future, exhale the past.

Envision starting your days with a Vinyasa yoga practice in a shala with a panoramic view of the rolling hills of Agadir. You will also indulge in beautiful workshops and ceremonies to connect with your feminine power.

Three Fresh Vegan Meals per Day

You are what you eat.

Indulge in three beautiful and filling meals every day you are here. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are made in a kitchen full of love and with local, wild vegetarian ingredients. Bonus points for rejoicing on this magical view.

About The Guides

Nourish Your Feminine Power is a yoga retreat for women by women. Below are short descriptions of the women that will bring all the magic they have gathered along the way to you during these seven days.

Aiste Anandi yoga teacher
Travel the world

Aiste Anandi

Deeply passionate about life, love, health and conscious evolution, Aiste merges the Yogic, Ayurvedic, Tantric and Shamanic paths with lots of devotion. Trained in numerous healing and therapy modalities she is the most interested in Women Wellness Therapy. Aiste facilitates women’s only retreats and trainings worldwide for women who are ready to evolve into their fullest potential, true life force and ecstatic embodiment. Her intention with all the circles and retreats is to share knowledge with clarity, generosity and respect and help them to grow and bloom.

You can find more about Aiste on her website, Facebook page, or Instagram.


Patricia Rodriguez

A lover of Mother Earth, full-time traveling, and profound connections, Patricia brings a balance of strength and flexibility to all her yoga classes. Her main goal is to use all the tools she has collected along the way to help her students reach this balance in their physical body but more importantly, in their minds. Yoga is more than asanas to her; it is a way of life. There is no shortage of energy, support, or love in her classes. She is very aware of her students’ capacities and needs and she will be sure to guide you to all the places you didn’t know you could go to.

If you're still curious about me, you can always click the hovering icons to check out my Facebook page and Instagram account.

It's Your Turn, Sister!

Gather with us in Mother Africa, November 2nd to 9th, 2019. Enrollment is opened now.

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