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Travel the world

Travel the World: The Start of the Dream

I always thought that traveling was only an option available to those with strong financial stance. However, after I left my corporate job back in Canada and decided to try living out my dream, I realized that it's actually very possible to travel on a budget. My goal for this website is to share the tips and tricks I learn along the way. I hope you enjoy following along!

Yoga: The Journey

Yoga has changed my life in more ways than I can begin to express. I feel so fortunate to have the ability to share this beautiful practice in all corners of the world. After all, sharing is caring.

Behind the Internet

Every child has a dream, mine was to travel the world.


Patricia Rodriguez

Dreamer and Doer

I was born in Cuba and moved to Canada when I was 11 years old. As much as I love both cultures, it was always very difficult for me to fully resonate with either one. I guess there was always a third culture kid within me. It wasn't until I began traveling that I realized that I have a defined race: human. Traveling gave me a sense of freedom and yoga gave me stability. So here I am, sharing my stories of the world with the world.

Keep up with the travels

I am usually somewhere new every two to three months. You can keep up with my travel journey through the blogs, social media, or by attending one of the events I am hosting.

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