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Yoga Retreats

Enjoy a week in paradise in the most beautiful hidden spots around the world during a yoga retreat. Learn to find balance and stillness while you rejoice in all the beauty Mother Earth has to offer.

Yoga Events

Yoga means union. Let's get together and create magic during a workshop, a day get-away, or a mindful excursion. I host diverse yoga  events in hopes to bring the joy of yoga to everyone.

Personal Anecdotes

The world is a much better place when we share the knowledge we gather along the way. I am a big advocate of this idea and am constantly working to share what I learn along the way through my blog.

Travel the World as a Lifestyle

We all have dreams, goals, and aspirations. My goal with this website is to share the information I have gathered as I fulfill my own personal dream; to travel the world. I hope that the tips and tricks I provide are easily understood and hopefully executed during your own journey.

While sharing information on world travel is the main focus of this project, the real goal is to empower all of those who arrive here to chase after your own dreams. Traveling is not everyone's hope but I am sure that you do have something that you are passionate about. My hope is that you find inspiration in how I navigate the world so that you can also begin to navigate through your path to your dreams.

Besides being an avid traveler, I am a passionate yoga instructor. You can find the different events I host here. Every class, workshop, and retreat is special and comes from a place of love and knowledge. If you'd like to participate in any event, please reach out.

Budget travel information

Keep up with the travels

I am usually somewhere new every two to three months. You can keep up with my travel journey through the blogs, social media, or by attending one of the events I am hosting.

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